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The Story of Bansal Trading Company

Bansal Trading Company

We are pleased to introduce Bansal Trading Company as importers, exporters, distributors and export representatives catering to a variety of industries like Plastics, Masterbatches, Pigments, PVC Leather, Personal Care, and Home Care, Metal Pre-treatment and Paints, Inks and Coatings.

Bansal Trading Company have experience of more than 65 years and are market leaders for most of the products that we market. Bansal Trading Company was established in 1956 and has an experienced and motivated team of 100 people. We have multiple warehouses and offices in India.

We, Bansal Trading Company export products regularly to our customers in various countries.

We market more than 650 different products, have company-owned warehousing space of more than 200000 Square Feet and more than 1500 active customers catered through our innovative software, a must for a diversified marketing company like ours.

Distribution is our only business

Group Companies



Everything we do at Bansal Trading Company is based on Expertise, Strength and Innovation. The ability to strengthen our strengths, gain expertise and learn. Create new product lines, experiences, challenges and benchmarks. And forever be in relentless pursuit of adapting and enabling innovation. Bansal Trading Company shall forever remain passionate about our customers’ business and get inspired by our ethical legacy.

Bansal Trading Company are champions of our distribution business. Whether it is market intelligence, product and application knowledge, internal systems, trade and industry awareness or laws. We do things in an immaculate way and delegate it to our team to make them learn and contribute to enhance our expertise and efficiency. We strive to become the best in our business.
It is about strengthening our strengths and then delegate our weaknesses. We know we are exceptionally experienced and talented in our business of marketing and distribution of chemicals. We want to become even better by challenging ourselves every day by being fearless. We don’t diversify or go into product lines or businesses that are not our strength or our core to which the group has dedicated an amazing 70 years and four generations.
Enabling innovation and developing a culture for innovation is a must for improving customer happiness through rapid and agile changes to the customer experience. Technology, software and processes dedicated solely to relentlessly focus on continuous improvement. We go beyond logistics to deliver the type of value-added solutions designed to help you achieve success.


Marketing and Distributing Chemicals since 1943
75 Years of sustainable growth. A legacy unparalleled not just because of the pioneering status and experience, but the dedication of four generations resulting in time tested relationships both with our customers and principals.
1500+ Active Customers
Our group companies that are present in most of the B2B markets, are quality suppliers of a variety of products. With our independent strategic business units, we are able to serve more than 1000 active customers (customers who have done business in last 6 months). Truly a remarkable feat, but a fraction of our potential.
Market Leader in most of its product lines
We don't get into alliances just to add a marquee name to our portfolio. Our alliances go through comprehensive evaluation process and product lines are added only if we can be a part of our partners’ growth story. Resulting in a leadership position in most of the product lines we have the pleasure of marketing.
100 Member Passionate Team
We are a company run by an inspired lot of ignited minds. We are fortunate to attract the best talent in the industry, that is passionate to reinvent our services, build lasting relationships and keep our clients extremely happy.
650+ Products
Over the years, the group has churned the portfolio to constantly launch new companies and product lines. It is an endeavour to introduce new products in the product life cycle, cross the chasm and then gain market share. It is all about focus, grit and persistence.
200000 Sq feet of Company Owned Warehousing
Our warehouses that handle such a variety of products having varied lead times are adapting to robotic automation, internet of things with zero tolerance for errors and aim for challenging turn around and delivery timings.
Dominating Player in North India Chemicals Distribution
We are the go to choice for companies looking for a systematic, ethical and passionate distributer of chemicals and industrial raw materials. We are fortunate to enjoy outstanding reputation and benefit from recommendations from our partners.
Exceptional Market Intelligence
As a chemicals distributor with 75 years experience, the team at Bansal Trading Company understands how critical it is to have perfect command over potential, financial and credit rating, end application knowledge, industry news, grapevine, competition and needs. We are now able to predict and strategise products and design marketing campaigns. With immense talent and systems, that work every day with both customers and suppliers we have internal data base and mining tools that give us grip and grit.
Automated systems and industry leading standards for quality services
Anyone can distribute products from one dock to the next. That's why at Bansal Trading Company with a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we go beyond logistics and over the years have been inspired and in a haste to adapt and execute IOT, Robotic Automation, Tracking, Quality Checks and Compliances. We abhor inconsistency. We have aggressive marketing budgets both for industrial marketing in the traditional way and marketing in the social media, internet, emailers and print advertising.


Why Bansal Trading Company?

At Bansal Trading Company, we serve as the force connecting specialty chemical producers to our customers. Our highly trained sales staff commits to our customers, ensuring every aspect of business with us is smooth and impactful.

On-time delivery

We realise our USP. We take pride in stocking more than 550 different products and ensure an industry leading turn around time. With online billing and robotic automation, we ensure that our goods are delivered on time, safe and with proper documentation, consistently.

Packaging variety

We understand your needs. All goods are weighed and checked when entering our warehouses. Internal batch numbers are put in on all packings. We move from small 20 kg. packs to large parcels and tankers. We are a holistic marketing house and the choice of packing, depending on your current need and requirements, is yours.

Competitive pricing

Cost Plus Margins Model. Our chemical industry invariably sees fluctuations and shortages. We at Bansal Trading Company release the importance of stability in your business and it is quite possible that your end customer warrants quarterly prices. Hence, we do not speculate or take aim at short term gains. Our sale price is governed by our sales team and is purely on the basis on our costings. No illicit gains, pure distribution.

Quick response rate

With industry leading internal benchmarks, checks and zero tolerance to any mistakes in accuracy of batches and documentation.

Efficient sampling process

Class leading response rates for efficient and prompt sampling.

Flexible warehousing options

With more than 200000 Sq. Feet of company owned warehouses, we have excellent penetration enabled with innovative softwares and automation.

Single point of communication

We take pride in many strategic business units, specialising in geographical areas, product lines, back office, financial and marketing team members. Your gateway to Bansal Trading Company experience is through a dedicated marketing channel member.

Degreed technical sales specialists

We ensure that our sales representative is dedicated to the highest ethical and moral standards of our 75 years respected group. Apart from that, we train them to ensure that they know about product lines and new products and services that can enhance your business.

Real-time product and formulation solutions

Now, Bansal Trading Company is working on predictive marketing and trying to build and prepare the organisation to give the amazon experience. By using technology, SMS and eMail services and social media, Bansal Trading Company shall soon redefine the way we communicate with our esteemed clients and principals.

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