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As a suppliers of chemicals and raw materials, your company has its own share of challenges. An emphatic role for any company is to increase its market share and position. India being a culturally diverse country with varied habits and business practices there is a clear mandate for a differentiated marketing network that specialises in the product line, enriched with experience and skilled with a team with prerequisite tools for industrial marketing. Marketing to Indian customers requires, competitive pricing, extended credit periods, technical expertise, a spread of marketing personnel and stock points. But above all it requires visits and relationships.

75 Years of experience, reflects our unmatched sustainable growth, but also significantly points at our ability to redefine ourselves to adapt and learn over generations.

Distribution of Chemicals is our only business and although we are eternal learners, we are more of experts in our business. We are known for our excellent systems and our flawless uncompromising systems and ethos. We take great pride in these and our purposeful and collaborative culture.

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The Dilemmas of a Producer and the underwhelmed focus on Distribution

Your Needs

  • Sales and market share growth
  • Reduced supply chain cost
  • Existing customer relationship
  • Appropriate logistics network
  • Ability to identify new prospects
  • Broad sales reach
  • Focused and simplified processes
  • Market transparency and two way market intelligence

As a producer, you’re required to consider an array of factors when distributing and promoting your products. Though you aim to reach those precise goals, most of the time you don’t end up with what you truly need. At Bansal Trading Company, our goals align with yours as we aim to grow your market share. We design customised marketing and sales plans specific to you and your products, a service hard to come by with other specialty chemical distribution companies.

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Mr. Jatin Aggarwal, Partner


Our Solutions

Distribution is our only business since 1943

Over the last 75 years our group has excelled in our core area with unmatched focus and dedication. Our diversification has not been to step out of our core competency, but to design a system to step out of the box to adapt and sharpen our grip and grit in our business.

A legacy unparalleled not just because of the pioneering status and experience, but the dedication of four generations resulting in time tested relationships both with our customers and principals.

650+ products with leadership position in most of the verticals

Over the years, the group has churned the portfolio to constantly launch new companies and product lines. It is an endeavour to introduce new products in the product life cycle, cross the chasm and then gain market share. It is all about focus, grit and persistence.

Dominating player in north india chemicals distribution

We are the go to choice for companies looking for a systematic, ethical and passionate distributor of chemicals and industrial raw materials. We are fortunate to enjoy outstanding reputation and benefit from recommendations from our partners.

Multiple warehouses totalling 200000 square feet and growing

Our warehouses that handle such a variety of products having varied lead times are adapting to robotic automation, internet of things with zero tolerance for errors and aim for challenging turn around and delivery timings.

Automated systems and industry leading standards for quality services

Anyone can distribute products from one dock to the next. That's why at Bansal Trading Company with a relentless focus on continuous improvement, we go beyond logistics and over the years have been inspired and in a haste to adapt and execute IOT, Robotic Automation, Tracking, Quality Checks and compliances. We abhor inconsistency.

We have aggressive marketing budgets both for industrial marketing in the traditional way and marketing in the social media, internet, emailers and print advertising.

Exceptional market intelligence

As a chemicals distributor with 75 years experience, the team at Bansal Trading Company understands how critical it is to have perfect command over potential, financial and credit rating, end application knowledge, industry news, grapevine, competition and needs. We are now able to predict and strategise products and design marketing campaigns.

With immense talent and systems, that work every day with both customers and suppliers we have internal data base and mining tools that give us grip and grit.

Future ready - enabling innovation

Our group companies are becoming both more strategically focused and technologically advanced to respond to consumer expectations while trying to defend market share against an increasing array of competitors. A great deal of emphasis is being placed on digitising core business processes and reassessing organisational structures and internal talent to be better prepared for the future of banking. This transformation illustrates the increasing desire to become a ‘digital marketing company’.

The importance of innovation and developing new solutions that take advantage of data, advanced analytics, digital technologies and new delivery platforms has never been more important. We are able to innovate in targeting, expanding services, re-configuring delivery channels, delivering proactive advice, integrating payments and applying blockchain technology.
Ultimately, the consumer will be front and center. As technologies continue to evolve, our group companies will continue to accelerate its investments in innovation and digital enhancements.

Transparent working and market intelligence

The distribution industry has been, and will continue to be, one of the most dynamic areas of innovation in the channels of marketing. Impacted by changing Principal expectations and driven by technological advances, innovation will continue to come from traditional B2B marketing and joint transparent sharing of data and collaboration as partners.

Differentiation will be driven by data, technology and delivery, changing the dynamics of how and where we sell. This information is equally important for our Principals as well.

We at Bansal Trading Company conduct joint meetings and visits. All visits from our sales team are digitally recorded and minutes of key meetings are shared with customers and Principals.

With GST, Bill to Ship to and Direct despatches are a way of life. We go beyond it, with monthly and if that is not possible quarterly meetings to fine tune our key performance data with our Principals.

We are your marketing extension and realise that sharing accurate, ethical information regarding price, competition, customer expectations, sales and profits are a must for a healthy partnership.

Timely payments with unique T minus 2 payment mechanism

We take pride in our system of T-2 Payments. T being the due date agreed with our suppliers and it is our endeavour to pay 2 days before the due date to our suppliers and Principals. We have not delayed payments to our Principals or vendors by a single day in the last many decades.

We understand that payment practices can indicate how strong or weak your relationship is with your suppliers. We agree terms of payment at the start of all supplier contracts and commit to prompt payment practice as part of fostering a good relationship with suppliers.

North Indian market has often been considered as a market infamous for delayed payments and over commitment and under deliverance.

Our T-2 Payments take care of one of OUR biggest problems:

  • Helps our relationship with suppliers
  • Makes our Principals keen to work with us
  • Increases suppliers' confidence in us as a business partner
  • Enables us to negotiate better deals
  • Develops a bond that can focus on other more relevant issues than collection of payments
  • Keeps us on our toes and ensures that we do not waver to diversify our funds

100 member passionate team with dedicated SBU wise managers

We are a company run by an inspired lot of ignited minds. We are fortunate to attract the best talent in the industry that is passionate to reinvent our services, build lasting relationships and keep our clients extremely happy.

1500+ active customers across various end applications

Our group companies that are present in most of the B2B markets, are quality suppliers of a variety of products. With our independent strategic business units, we are able to serve more than 1500 active customers (customers who have done business in last 6 months). Truly a remarkable feat, but a fraction of our potential.

Digital lead generation & social media marketing system


Exceptional sampling system & follow-ups

We lead the process of sampling, sample inventory, shipment, tracking, documenting and tracking. This process is at the core of our success and hence, a lot of innovation has gone into this process. It is so profound and exhaustive, that the number of transactions each year, that runs in thousands of shipped samples, perhaps is a business on its own.

Repacking and blending facilities - OTIF - on time in full

Importance of logistics in distribution cannot be overemphasised. We at Bansal Trading Company feel that the logical extension of our services will include specialised, regulatory compliant and systematic repacking and blending services. We are in the process of enhancing our capabilities with a state of art unit to provide these services.


India, your destined growth story

India is a must for your growth story. If you missed a chance earlier, we are here to help you. We are an innovative company, having expertise to become your holistic extension in India. With 60 years of unmatched dedication to serve better.

Bansal Trading Company is a multifaceted company that has the market insight to market your products with grit and panache. We have the unique mix of various industry presence with local market expertise. We have an extensive collaborative method to understand and strategise, based on research and our vast experience on how, where, when and whom to market the product or product line. We have various independent strategic business units that work closely and cater to specialised end application industries.

We are present in the following verticals, clubbed in six parent categories.

Distribution in India - One Dot is not enough

Often international companies, in their haste to taste success do not appreciate the complexities, geographical marketing networks, business practices and demographics of this vast nation of 1.3 Billion people. India, cannot be served by one single distributor. It requires regional relationships, local expertise of a distributor in the respective business-unit-specific segment and the target geography. With different methods of businesses, raw materials, industries, languages, food, culture and habits, India must be divided into 2-4 different geographical zones and then local champions of distribution should be partnered with to market your products. This is a must.

Single Pan India distributor model, is the singled out reason for your Indian distribution pain.
We specialise in North India. Thats our forte, our playground and our expertise.

What you need is a specialty chemicals distributor that compliments your global strategy with the Indian one. With a grip on technical knowledge, in regions in which principals, international companies or manufacturers’ do not yet have any local insights or where access and reach are difficult.

You need:

  • A multifaceted chemicals distributor that can move products in bulk and in specialised small order sizes
  • Excellent sustainable financial stability to ensure guaranteed timely payments
  • Local knowledge and networks
  • Catering to small and large customers
  • Geographical spread and stock Points
  • Strong position in the relevant geographical market
  • Expertise in product group and packaged complimentary products
  • Value added services
  • Strategic fit and match of ethics
  • Focus of SHE and quality standards
  • Excellent transparent inventory management
  • Filling Packing and Blending services

We understand that future arrangements also bring a new set of requirements—for example, aligned strategic goals and operating standards, options for customised packing, repacking, blending and promotion.

The shift from bric to motor model to the click and order model is what Bansal Trading Company is adapting to. We intend to gradually bring the “Amazon Experience” and have industry leading technological advantages like, data compilation, data mining, robotic automation and social media marketing. Apart from being an absolute champion of traditional time tested industrial marketing, Bansal Trading Company is evolving and excelling in digital chemicals marketing and distribution.

Call us today and let us help you market your products to the Indian markets, with our expertise, strengths and innovation. Hire a local champion.

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