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Safety Health and Environment

Modern life without chemicals would be inconceivable; chemicals are part of our daily life, from paints and insect spray to computers, kitchen appliances, medicines or sun cream.

SHE – Safety Health and Environment in chemicals is not limited to flash points, transportation, warehousing or Material Safety Data Sheet(s). It is about a sustainable world, moral and ethical and above all humane and responsible.

Bansal Trading Company strives to balance economic, ecological and social objectives to safeguard and strengthen our competitiveness in global markets.

We at Bansal Trading Company feel handling and the commitment to SHE is about being 100% committed to time tested systems and unmatched dedication to flawlessly improve and learn from the minutest of error and to take Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA, also called corrective action/preventive action or simply corrective action) consisting of improvements to an existing Bansal Trading Companyโ€™s process to eliminate causes of non-conformities or other undesirable situations.

SHE at Bansal Trading Company is also about weeding out the cost of non-compliance, inconsistency and self-regulation. This can be perceived as a selfish and internal sustainable mission, but at the core of this is, Bansal Trading Companyโ€™s resolve to be sustainable aware and concerned citizen, employer, agent, stake holder and supplier.

We take our systems very seriously. It starts from emphatic checks and red flags for buying, transporting, storage, and shipment of products. Our warehouses are well equipped and also in process of adapting to the best safety practices.

Our teams are given training in SHE with Standard Operate Procedures for handling of various chemicals and raw materials. Training is an integral part of our operations.

A unique self-check is a 15 days independent audit done of our warehouses. Yes, every 15 days so ensure that any recent flow or mistake can be corrected.

Bansal Trading Company checks all incoming materials, weighs them, labels them after checking integrity of packing, for leakages and damages and quarantines the material that is not adhering to standards. Our softwares mark the materials unfit for shipment and blocks them from shipment.

We have 100% compliance and do not ship material without Certificate of Analysis/Test Report(s). All materials are stored and sold on Batch Wise FIFO basis.

A healthy mind, free from pressures results in excellent and healthy workplace. Our inspired team members get regular training to equip them with tools to explain the products to customers, handle the products themselves and to ensure that they respect the model guidelines for a sustainable future.

All our materials are insured and our employees benefit from insurance as well.

Following are the key tenets of our SHE policy.

SHE & SUSTAINABILITY POLICY – Bansal Trading Company

Bansal Trading Company is committed to the goal of sustainable development by balancing social, environmental and economic considerations whilst managing its businesses. It will develop leadership committed to Safety, Health and Environment and strive to adhere to best standards of SHE management system in its entire operation and thus contribute to the overall betterment of employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Bansal Trading Company is committed to operating in a safe manner and work towards an accident free workplace by:

  • Providing Health & Safety training across all levels of organisational hierarchy.
  • Abiding by applicable regulations and maintaining a positive culture of health & safety.
  • Identifying and mitigating occupational health and hygiene hazards.
  • Actively engaging with contractors, suppliers and business partners for safe performance of their part of responsibility.
  • Reporting and investigating all incidents to prevent recurrence.
  • Periodically auditing and reviewing progress for continual improvement.


Bansal Trading Company aims to preserve the ecological balance in its areas of operations by:

  • Adhering to environmental standards and applicable environmental legislations thereby minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations.
  • Improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions to air, water and land by using best available technology and thereby address to the cause of climate change.
  • Working with stakeholders to mitigate the environmental impacts of product life cycle and the supply chain.

Social Responsibility

Bansal Trading Company will strive to provide a SHE conductive work ambience to all its employees and contribute to the social and economic development of communities associated with its operations or in its neighbourhood. To achieve this BTC will:

  • Identify communities and other stakeholders associated with its operations and/or in its neighbourhood and actively engage with them throughout the life cycle of its operations.
  • Work with governments โ€“ Central & State, Local authorities, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, trade associations and other concerned parties to develop and support projects for the benefit of the communities where it operates.
  • Treat all employees including indirect personnel engaged for and/or in connection with Companyโ€™s operation/activity equally in the matters of health, safety and well-being.
  • Strictly enforce a smoke, drug and alcohol free workplace and work towards minimizing adverse effect of occupational hazards to the best of its ability.
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