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Utox is titanium dioxide substitute. UTOX is buff titanium with titanium dioxide contents around 94%. It is economical and reduces the cost of paint manufacturing and is priced much cheaper than titanium dioxide.

We sell and export in huge quantities from India Uses: White/Offwhite pigment in paints, paper, rubber, plastics, etc, opacifying agents, cosmetics, radioactive decontamination of skin, floor coverings, glassware and ceramics, enamel frits, printing inks, welding rods Single crystals are high temperatures are transducers

CHEMICAL NAME / FORMULA : Titanium Dioxide/TiO2
OTHER NAME: Buff TiO2 Pigment

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Appearance Buff Coloured Powder
Average Particle size 1 micron
Specific gravity 3.65 โ€“ 3.80
Bulk Density 0.9 gm/cc
Water Solubility 1%
Chemical Resistance To Acid

Uses of Utox


  • Furniture enamels
  • Industrial enamels
  • Primers
  • Powder Coatings
  • Road marking paints
  • Architectural Paint
TiO2 content : 92 % (min) Iron as Fe2O3: 4 %
Oil Absorption PHR: 30 % Moisture Content: 1 %
Loss on Ignition: 1.00 % Colour Value: L: 80 (min)

A : 4.0 (max)

B : 18.0 (max)

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  • UTOX

    Principle Code:ZDCW

    TDS Code:BTC-103-ZDCW-TDS

    Manufacturer:DCW LTD.

    End Applications:Coatings, Paint

    Product Functions:UTOX, Pigment

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