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Bansal Trading Company is pleased to market Ziko Co. Ltd. 
Ziko Co. Ltd. is a specialized company that develops and manufactures high-performance additives and cosmetic raw materials.

One of the specialties of Ziko is thickeners & oil gelling agents for the cosmetic and personal care industry.

About Dextrin Palmitate (Oil Gelling Agent/Thickener):

Dextrin Palmitate (ZICOS GE-DP)  is synthesized by reacting dextrin with acyl chlorides and has been used as an oil gelling agent. With its gelling properties of various hydrocarbon and ester oils, Dextrin palmitate provides excellent stability in emulsions. Stable oil gels can be easily obtained by dissolving ZICOS GE-DP  to a temperature above 90℃ and cooled without stirring.


  1. Powerful oil gelling agent: The cleansing oil with ZICOS GE-DP maintains a gel or solid phase at first and has no fluidity but when applied to the skin, it is easily fluidized while making it easy to use without flowing down.
  2. Stabilisation of emulsion: Reduces greasy and oily feel, giving the good texture of spreadability. Increasing the viscosity of the oil phase improves the stability of the emulsion. In sunscreen, ZICOS GE – DP works as an SPF booster.
  3. Surfactant & Emulsifier free: Oleogel: Lipophilic liquid and solid mixtures. Water resistance can be improved as no emulsifier is used in the sunscreen. It reduced the use of preservatives because of contained trace amounts of water. Lip, Eye, and Baby products are suitable.
  4. Lipstick with ZICOS GE – DP: It has an organically modified clay mineral that increases the viscosity and the long-term stability of the product. It gives a comfortable and soft feeling of use without oiliness or stickiness.  It is possible to minimize the amount of wax and improve the adhesion.
  5. Dispersion of insoluble powder (Example: TiO2): ZICOS GE – DP prevents pigment aggregation. Mechanism: ZICOS GE – DP attaches onto the hydroxyl group at the pigment surface via hydrogen bonding. Excellent glossiness, high melting point, and good spreadability.
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  • Dextrin Palmitate (ZICOS GE-DP)

    Principle Code:ZZIK

    TDS Code:BTC-742-ZZIK-TDS

    Manufacturer:ZIKO CO. LTD.

    End Applications:Personal Care, Personal Care & Home Care

    Product Functions:Oil Gelling Agent, Anti Caking Agent, Emulsifier, Surfactant

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