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Holistic Rural Development Program

Holistic Rural Development Program

Name of the Company: Bansal Trading Company

Location: Pan- India

Total Expenditure of the Project in FY 2017-18: INR 293.5 Cr.

Prescribed CSR FY- 2017-18: INr 365 Cr.

The continuing urbanization of India has indeed expanded opportunities for people. However, one cannot overlook the great decline that our agricultural sector has suffered. The lack of rainfall was plaguing villages with acute water shortage. The soil deprived of moisture, caused crop failure year after year, thereby plummeting people into extreme poverty.

Determined to bring about change, HDFC Bank Parivartan along with a local NGO partner, KVGPS, developed the villages under its Holistic Rural Development Program (HRDP). Measures to tackle the drought by constructing 31 ground water recharge structures were implemented; improving the water levels and helping the village get back the water it was once rich with.

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