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Philanthropic Activities

Bansal Trading Company is a family and wants to inculcate and adapt good habits in our home and our family members. Just like any other citizen of this great nation and an empathetic and concerned member of this lopsided society, we hope to make a small difference.

If you are lucky enough to do well, its your responsibility to send the elevator back down. We wish we could heal the world, make it a better place, wipe tears and above all give hope, but even if we can’t, we will try.

Aggarwal family has been fortunate and lucky to serve the needy through its various philanthropic activities, trusts, temples, dispensaries, donations and voluntary assistance for decades. Maybe we are blessed because of someone’s good wishes.

We are now a larger, but a closer family and our team has shown keen interest to serve the needy, themselves. From planning, financing, distributing by their own hands, to reach out to the needy, to know them better, to give a helping hand, to give to those who are needy.

We are doing our bit, not as a Corporate Social Responsibility, but because we feel, we can and we really want to. And hence our efforts shall just be a reflection of the smiles we get from those we are able to touch and help. Our CSR activities, just like in the past, shall remain anonymous.

Should you have any suggestions or can guide us to a new focus or activities, we shall welcome your suggestions.

Maybe we can’t make a big difference, Maybe we can’t help everyone. But we will, silently help someone and bring a smile.

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