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In this All-day Gel Cream you will get natural sun protection along with whitening affect.

Main active ingredients such as BHC-S (Natural Sunblock) gives UVA and UVB protection and Niacinamide IP and Alpha Arbutin gives Whitening and Brightening affect. In this unique formulation natural and mild ingredients are used such as ECOCERT emulsifierVegarol 1618 TA, Vegarol 1698 and emollients like Glycerin IP and Natural Vitamin E.  Other mild and natural ingredients used are Vegafin 910 (Alternate to Mineral Oil), Mtech XD 20 (Alternate to Preservatives to make Preservative Free System).


For Detailed Guideline Formulations, Please contact Our PHC Team:

Head Marketing- PHC : Ms. Preeti Attrai +91-9899903320

Technical Sales Executive- PHC : Ms. Neelam N. Mangtani +91-9643069039

Neelam N. Mangtani


  1. Jatin Aggarwal

    Hi Neelam,

    Congrats on your maiden product. More than the product, it is the infectious passion, joy and curiosity that you and Preeti create when you team up, that is much more of an “All Day Bliss”. Often people wait for the perfect occasion, a perfect product and seek perfection in time and venue to experiment and they end up waiting for life. Joy is not in perfection, but in its pursuit…there is always a way to make it better. Fabulous product, first amongst many that you shall learn and experiment with.

    All the best. Be an eternal learner.

    Regards, Jatin Aggarwal


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