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We at Bansal Trading Company have an excellent pool of talent. With varied experience, expertise and point of views, we get amazing ideas from these ignited minds. We proudly share this knowledge to enable collaborative innovation and at the same time hoard it as a blog on our website. Our Rosetta Stone does not carve the extraordinary wisdom of a few as a showcase, but facilitates everyone at Bansal Trading Company to express and write, liberated, not to impress but to express. Anything that comes to their mind, beyond what they have mastered, as a lifelong learner.

The Fearless Mountaineer


Not all Superhero wear capes What a plausible phrase it is, but why only Superhero why not a Superheroine?? There is nothing astonishing or resentful in this. It had been…it is…and probably it shall be. There is nothing to be miffed for or to fortify anything. For anything and everything there are challenges, limitations, acknowledgements, and achievements be it for a Superhero or a Superheroine. It has never been easy for a Superhero to be one but it has also…

Live life to the fullest because it only happens once


Life is good so enjoy every minute. Life is basically what we make it. I have heard that statement and now I really understand its truth. Life is what you make it. The man or woman who takes time to love the small things and all people will invariably enjoy each and every minute of their life. They will not be distracted by the major and minor setbacks that life will often deal because they are able to find some happiness…

Website Design From Non-Designer


Whatever you do, do with the determination Yes, I am not a web-designer but I did teach myself to build an aesthetically and pleasing website for Bansal Trading Company. I did my graduation BBA from GGSIP University. I have never been a designer, it was never a skill that I knew I had. I joined BTC 1.5 years ago and one of my important job roles was to handle the website project. After a long search, it was very challenging…



A Catalyst for Organisational Transformation यं हि न व्यथयन्त्येते पुरुषं पुरुषर्षभ । समदुःखसुखं धीरं सोऽमृतत्वाय कल्पते ॥ yaṅ hi na vyathayantyētē puruṣaṅ puruṣarṣabha ৷ samaduḥkhasukhaṅ dhīraṅ sō.mṛtatvāya kalpatē ৷৷ That person who is not affected by happiness and distress, and remains steady in both, becomes eligible for liberation. EMOTIONAL STABILITY The ability to stay calm or not being upset when facing with pressure or stress. Regardless of the circumstances and when presented with a problem, you are able to maintain…

The Hedgehog Concept


The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. – Greek parable The idea is to look at the things you care about, look at what you can be the best in the world at, find what drives your economic desires — and to focus. I find myself coming back to this concept a lot, and it helps me avoid trying to get involved in too much. I’ve had a variety of business propositions tossed my way…

The Law of Association


You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with! I have been a pretty vocal advocate of the “The Law of Association”. Right from Aristotle to Robin Sharma have stressed upon the importance of knowing this law for growth. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Lets see what it professes. To create world class results you absolutely must spend time with people whose lives you want to be living. Science has…

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