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Carbomer presents itself as a thickening agent that helps control the viscosity. It could also control the flow of cosmetic products and applications in a wide variety of product types. Such product types mainly include skin, hair, nail, and dentifrices.

Carbomers refer to a series of polymers derived from acrylic acid. This large molecule can absorb and retain large amounts of water.

What is Carbomer?

  • Carbomers are acid-based polymers with low pH level and high molecular weight. We could find them as white, fluffy powders made from acrylic acid.
  • But, even with such powdery texture, carbomers have different applications. These applications mainly involve as gels in cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Carbomer polymers have 56%-68% of carboxylic acid groups and 0.75%-2% of cross-linking factors.
  • In tablets, carbomers function as a binder and regulate the discharge of active remedy.

Carbomer Properties and Characterizations

  • Carbomers absorb water rapidly upon contacting with water, become hydrated, and swell. They have high molecular weight and cross-linked acrylic polymers.
  • Also, we could witness the availability for various grades of carbomers. It depends upon the cross-linking degree and manufacturing conditions.
  • Even when neutralised, carbomers construct clear gels and produce flexibility and movement enhancement to outputs.
  • Likewise, it has the application of producing hydroalcoholic gels as the gelling agent. This happens even though gels are typically aqueous systems.
  • Moreover, carbomer not only thicken a product, but bring stability and texture enhancement to it. It always has to be neutralised to work. For this purpose, it brought sodium hydroxide in use.
  • Carbomer also benefits in assigning and suspending insoluble solids into liquid.
  • But, during neutralisation process, the polymer chains become ionized. Then, interior distraction between polymer strands causes the polymer to stretch out and to increase consistency.

Use of Carbomer

  • Carbomers help in distributing and suspending insoluble solids into liquid. It prevents the oil and liquid part of a solution from separating from each other.
  • Also, carbomers present their capability to absorb and retaining water. They could even swell up to 1000 times their original volume when dispersed in water.
  • Thus, this class of ingredients has application in gel-like formulations because it forms a colloidal, mucilage-like consistency when mixed in water.
  • Carbomers have utilisation of liquid or semisolid pharmaceutical articulations as rheology modifiers.
  • Moreover, carbomers contain in wide range of personal care products. These products involve facial moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, sunscreen, scrub and anti-aging treatment.
  • Carbomers even have utility in hair care products like shampoo and styling gel.
  • It also has application in industry, pharmaceuticals, and even oral care products as being one of the most versatile polymers.

Carbomer for Skin

  • Although, carbomer do not help in improving the skin condition or treat an existing issue or concern alone. It offers significant benefit to skin when featured in certain products.
  • Also, carbomer would act just as salt in your food that might remain tasteless without it. So with carbomer, your skin regime becomes more beneficial improving your skin condition to a great extent.
  • Carbomers acts as thickening agents that help control the stickiness and flow of many cosmetic products. It also supports disperse and suspend insoluble solids into liquid.
  • Additionally, carbomers restrict the oil and liquid segments of a solution from breaking. This makes thinner moisturizers work like emulsions.
  • It even adds the rich, smooth, and creamy appearance to the skin. For this purpose, it remains present in various hair and skin care products.
  • Also, in skincare, carbomer stabilizes and thickens solutions with different ingredient solubility. It benefits all skin types as they do not bioaccumulate.

Carbomer Uses in Everyday Skin Routine

  • The everyday encounter with carbomer may only happen with different skincare products. Here, we may understand the beneficial effects products provide to skin with daily uses.
  • Carbomer might be present in some eye gel to offer hydration. It even provides anti-aging benefit in a gel formula.
  • You could even find carbomer presence in some skin brightening products. But the best part that it provides comprises it containing antioxidants. This makes your skin look bright, glow and even toned.
  • Some products with carbomers even offer sunscreen safety enough for a baby’s skin. Such products do not have any fragrance that might irritate the skin.
  • So, next time just check for carbomer in your skincare products to get more hydrating skin.

Other Uses of Carbomer

Carbomers even have a broad range of technical and financial appeals. Such uses include fragrance carrier, wound dressings, medical bandages, fire-retardant gel, and others. Also, by changing the usage level of carbomer, the creation of a stable free flowing product become possible. This even leads to the manufacturing of a very stiff hair gel.

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