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Whenever we see successful individuals; what comes first in our mind, their lifestyle and luxury. We all wish that somehow, we can also have an opulent life like them. We dream about their cars, watches and other stuff. However, we see only one aspect of their lives. We ignore the most important, and perhaps the greatest asset of their lives. And that is their “Hard-work”.
Name any successful person, and you will find how much hard work he or she does in their daily life. I can also say that name any person, who has done real hard work, and he or she hasn’t succeeded. Whether it’s a cricketer or an actor, a politician or successful entrepreneur, they all do hard work to be top of their game.
Similarly, the hard work of employees determines the success of any organisation. In economic terms, hard work is an essential input material for the output of success. Today in the phase of neck cut competition, it’s difficult to survive with average efforts. On the other side, an organisation with hard-working individuals not only survives but also conquer all the hurdles.
Therefore, I would like to finish my words by saying ” Suraj ki Tarah chamakna hai to us ki Tarah Jalna seekho”. There is no problem to wish a rich and prosperous life. But, you should be ready to pay a price for that. It will take years of hard work and dedication to be a successful person.
I haven’t said anything new, I have just tried to inspire all of you. Work hard and earn success.
Thanks a lot 

Have a happy day ahead!



  1. Rajni Digani

    Very well written Vikas! Hardwork is indeed very important at every step of life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Priya

    Well said Vikas, Hard work, dedication & sincerity are the ingredients needed to cook the meal of success.

  3. Jatin Aggarwal

    People at the top of the mountain, didnโ€™t fall there. Often those who reach at the top, reach with immense passion, sacrifice, perseverance, grit and discipline. And it takes time, lots of it.

    People who stay at the top, want to stay at the top for long. Stay not because they want to be seen by people, but after sacrifices and hard work when they reach the top, they want to enjoy the view of the world and the scenery, a bit longer.

    Successful people carry an aura around themselves. Their reputation precedes them, good or bad. Their lifestyle, style, assets and even statements get acclaim and followers. Windfall gains or inheritance can bring overt or visible success, but real success is inclusive, innovative and sustainable. That as rightly said in this blog by Mr. Sincerity, comes only with grit and hard work. Relentless and passionate. Inspiring! Congratulations.


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