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Light Liquid Paraffin

Light liquid paraffin has different applications that provide significant benefits. It might even suit your skin and provide great relief in most of your medicinal problems. Also, light liquid paraffin has exceptional uses in food, personal & home care products.

So, let’s find out something more about light liquid paraffin for your better understanding. This information might help you decide to get products with light liquid paraffin for your different purposes.

What is Light Liquid Paraffin?

Light liquid paraffin refers to a highly refined mineral oil with being a transparent, colourless, nearly odourless, and oily liquid. The composition of this paraffin involves saturated hydrocarbons derived from petroleum. Sometimes, the term paraffinum perliquidum denotes the light liquid paraffin.

Petroleum already had medicinal use since 400 BCE, with its mentioning in texts of classical writers. It had extensive use by early Arabians of early importance in Indian medicine. But, the invention of light liquid paraffin in 1872 offered it more importance than petroleum in medicinal uses. This invention, termed as a “new and useful product from petroleum” gained more popularity.

How Does Light Liquid Paraffin Work?

Light liquid paraffin provides medicinal and cosmetic uses by providing different benefits for both areas. In medicinal application, light liquid paraffin treats itchy, irritating dry skin problems. It provides smoothing, moisturization, and conditioning to your skin by stopping the moisture loss.

Light liquid paraffin even works as an emollient to provide smooth skin by softening it. It also prevents water loss from the outer layer of skin to relieve dryness. Moreover, light liquid paraffin offers soft and hydrated skin with its presence in multiple cosmetic products.

Additionally, when applied with other ingredients, light liquid paraffin boosts the moisture level of the skin after completing the treatment. It also helps in opening pores and removing dead skin cells.

Light Liquid Paraffin in Everyday Uses

  • Light liquid paraffin has significant uses in cosmetics and medicine. But sometimes you confuse the words medicinal liquid paraffin with the paraffin (or kerosene) used as a fuel.
  • Light liquid paraffin oil lp highly purified hydro-treated oil has great thermal & chemical strength. It even has a high flash point and solubility in Chloroform and solvent Ether.
  • Light liquid paraffin has utilisation in food industry for manufacturing cooking foil production, food packaging materials and tobacco processing.
  • This paraffin might have other miscellaneous uses that might show everyday applications. Some of these uses involve like fibre emulsion, insecticides, lubricants, plastic production, silicone oils.
  • Sometimes, people also notice the application of light liquid paraffin in paint stripper, rubber & tyre production, solvents, furniture polishing, and dust control cleaning oils.
  • Light liquid paraffin also has other applications, like defensive food coatings for foods grown from the ground. It even provides beneficiary in veterinary arrangements and egg additives.

Light Liquid Paraffin Application in Medicine

  • Light liquid paraffin has several medicinal applications that add great relief to patients suffering from different medical problem.
  • One such problem includes constipation and encopresis with encopresis found mostly in children of four years or older. Thus, in treatment of these two diseases, light liquid paraffin has a significant use as a paediatric laxative.
  • Also, the synthesis of such drug becomes easier because of its ease of titration and its reduction in pain caused by certain conditions.
  • We could notice another medicinal use of light liquid paraffin in oilatum gel. This gel treats itchy, irritating dry skin problems by soothing, moisturising, and conditioning the skin.
  • Many countries use light liquid paraffin for treating chronic childhood diseases. It becomes beneficial when large doses or long-term usage present its necessity.

Light Liquid Paraffin for Skin

  • This paraffin has application in cosmetic industry, providing several products as hydrating and cleansing agent. It also has utilisation as one ingredient of after wax wipes.
  • Likewise, light liquid paraffin has the benefit of treating dry skin conditions. Such skin conditions mainly include eczema, pruritus, and ichthyosis of the elderly.
  • Also, light liquid paraffin acts as an emollient that softens or soothes the skin. For this purpose, light liquid paraffin limits water loss from the outer layer of skin. This further eases the dehydration and leaves the skin delicate and hydrated.
  • Thus, you could apply this paraffin on your hands and feet as it even helps in opening pores and removing dead skin cells.
  • With such benefits on skin, cosmetic industry uses light liquid paraffin to produce products. These skin products involve lipsticks, ointments, lotions, creams, and other such items.

Light Liquid Paraffin Uses for Hair

  • If you have dry hair problem, then you could apply light liquid paraffin available for hair. For this purpose, liquid paraffin has application in the production of hair oils and hair creams.
  • This paraffin does not penetrate the epidermis of hair and leaves an oily, obstructive lipid coat on the scalp.
  • Also, this light liquid paraffin for hair locks water in and protects the scalp from toxins that might reach hair surfaces. It even protects hair from other harmful environmental factors like sunlight, wind, and cold.
  • The hair oil having light liquid paraffin provides shine, softness, smoothness, good conditioning of hair follicles. It even offers hairs to thicken its structure and close cuticle scales along with preventing hair static and flyaways.
  • Additionally, light liquid paraffin benefits to hair in a more different manner. It provides hair elasticity, less breakage, increases volume, helps in easy brushing, styling, and tangling.
  • Moreover, the products with liquid paraffin mainly focus on improving the appearance of hair and protecting its external structure.

Light Liquid Paraffin Specifications

  • Light liquid paraffin has boiling range from 400C to 600C with solubility in chloroform, in ether and in light petroleum. It has a relative density between 0.810 to 0.875.
  • Also, we may mark light liquid paraffin as biologically durable product with no resistance level for pathogenic bacteria support.
  • This paraffin remains completely free from aromatic hydrocarbons and has high lubrications and insulation properties.

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