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Life is good so enjoy every minute. Life is basically what we make it. I have heard that statement and now I really understand its truth. Life is what you make it. The man or woman who takes time to love the small things and all people will invariably enjoy each and every minute of their life. They will not be distracted by the major and minor setbacks that life will often deal because they are able to find some happiness in the small things of life. The person who is caught up in the things of this life typically misses out on the fun of life. They may make themselves miserable trying to meet some expectation of this life.

 Life is too short for us to miss out on all of the goodness that it offers. I don’t believe that living life to its fullest means that you have to be reckless. I believe that it means that you should enjoy every minute. There are so many wonderful things here for us to enjoy. The simple pleasures are the best pleasures in life. The things that you cultivate in the lives of those around you are the things that will last. We need to have ambition in some sense of the word but there is no need to allow that ambition to overcome the ability to enjoy the simple things in life. We cultivate in others with love. Love is the fresh fertile soil which will cause every crop to grow. Plant your seeds in the fertile ground of love and fertilize them with hope in order to grow wonderful flowers. If the flower looks anemic add a little more love, dial in a little more hope, and allow the sunshine to bring it up. If we take the time and enjoy the roses we will learn that there are so many things in life that we don’t know which will lead us into true wisdom.

Solomon who was the wisest man of all time learned from watching the ant. He learned how the ant puts away food for bad times and displays a sure work ethic and even wrote about it in his proverbs. He also acknowledged that he didn’t know what he thought he knew. The wise man or woman is the person who realizes that they can never know all that there is to know. The more that you learn the more you realize that you don’t know. The one thing that I have learned is to enjoy life. Life is so much sweeter when you can learn how to find something that makes you smile. Happiness is not in the possessions that you own or the people that you know. Happiness is not in the number of friends that you have or the amount of money that you make. Happiness is in you if you allow it to blossom. This is the essence of the good life. 

Always keep alive a child in your heart it will help you to be curious to know the things, enjoy little things and most important for innocent smile.

“Life is not about be the best but always try your best”

Anita Dutta


  1. Rajni Digani

    Thanks for this article Ma’am! I’m so glad that there are likeminded people out there who knows how to be happy and make others happy. Life has so much to give but only a few see it.

    And the last sentence is very so inspiring. I totally agree to it.

  2. Jatin Aggarwal

    Don’t postpone Joy. The essence of this blog itself is a joy and the mantra of life, the pursuit of happiness. When we make today awesome and tomorrow excited, we lose the nuisances of our lives, daily chores and challenges. Ms. Anita, a very simple message but a very wise reminder to be happy. Perhaps that is the purpose of life, to celebrate it, to enjoy it and not to take it too seriously. Congratulations, very well written indeed. A joyous blog indeed.


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