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“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; 

Omitted, all the voyage of their life, Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

On such a full sea are we now afloat,

And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures.”

This is a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3. Perhaps no other quote can emphatically put forward the current opportunities in front of our own Bansal Trading Company. As these next formidable years shall be recorded in our history as the years that defined our destiny for the next few decades. 

We are not new to such an epoch or threshold. We had stepped into the unknown some 20 years back. Now we are young again, with youthful exuberance and foolishness. A rare mix of experience and energy. In a zone of unrestricted curiosity and ability to embrace risk. With the same method in madness, same passion and same resolve. Fearless of failure.

I must say, very few people get an opportunity to witness transformation. Still fewer, get to design and invent the change. Many will not get inspired to de-learn and re-learn and many will be contented to make ends meet and do the daily chores. Many won’t appreciate and keep pace. Many would pass the baton. 

Let me clarify, it is not about diversification or a new branch we grow on our tree. I am talking about de-rooting the roots and growing new ones. I am talking about growing mangoes on the banyan tree.

A tree we have carefully grown, nurtured and made strong to last another 20 years or more in any storm. A tree we are indebted to for its shade, protection and fruits. But a tree, that now requires new pastures.  

Jack Welch former CEO of GE said “When the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” Which means if businesses don’t stay ahead of the change curve, they will soon find themselves in trouble.

What if, the rate of change inside exceeds the rate of change outside? What if we become pioneers and lead. What if we attempt to be ridiculed and laughed at, be criticised, embrace repeated failures and still stay on course to become out of reach, towards the unimaginable destined reach of our expertise, strength and innovation? We have always been proactive enabling innovation, developing a culture acceptance of suggestions, able to think long term, plan far ahead and now we must attempt to see the farthest.

Bansal Trading Company has been exemplary. I say this, with confidence and lot of lofty pride. We all have worked in other organisations, we have known companies, our principals, our customers and our peer group of very successful businesses. We are aware of how they work, at times with wonder and frustration and at times with awe, inspiration and sincere appreciation. Many, if not all, far ahead of us in numbers and few surviving as time tested, fortunate monopolies. But, Bansal Trading Company, has an element, a thread, a fire that no one can match and that is its passionate culture. Culture not only in the office, which perhaps is visible to the senses, but an innate culture that drives us all, that of constant improvement, for ourselves and not for making an impression, that of ability to go deep into every facet of our business and make it more efficient, with that uncanny knack of doing things the best way possible with heartfelt passion. Passion that is contagious and addictive.  

There are unsung super heroes and may I say super heroins in our team. Few good men and women, who started to prepare us for the next decade, with limited resources, with the best of their ability, and beyond. The Catalysts. This mirage of unprecedented systems, innovative marketing, products and offering of services will not make a perceivable difference today, but will be the foundation of tomorrow. The roots of our tree. 

Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards. We are letting go, we are leaving the grip on our systems and offerings that got us success and accolades, till here, this moment. We are preparing proactively for the next wave of where we want to be. Like a shark in a small fish tank grows small and in the ocean grows big and ferocious. Akin to that, we would rather be a small fish in sea, than a big fish in the pond.  

We are creating our own difficulties, our own discomfort, our own challenges our new destiny. Awakening within, insatiable, curious, constant learners, busy getting born again and not dying. 

Our tide is here, to take us to the next mountain and before we get drenched, I would like to humbly and with honour say thanks to everyone at Bansal Trading Company for this journey. And now, let us hold hands again and do what scares us all. Change!  

Regards, Jatin Aggarwal 

Jatin Aggarwal

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  1. Rajni Digani

    Dear Sir,

    I have seen always that a corner office is always a goal for everyone and that if they perform as an individual better, they can possess that esteemed location. When the individual’s success supersedes their contribution to the overall value of the company, fear prevails and that employee’s value to the overall success of the company is marginalized.

    Value can’t be measured with precision. You as a leader, find value in people while taking interviews and protect the company from applicants who don’t fit the culture. You find value in people who would pitch in on troubled projects even though if it takes them away from activities where they have direct responsibility. These behaviors can’t be measured, yet the predominance of these activities are what separates Bansal Trading Company from other companies.

    Love isn’t a word used much in business. But, when you have the opportunity to walk into work and feel positive energy, see the smiling faces of people who you respect and enjoy working with, look forward to the day because of the excitement you feel for the work that makes a difference.

    Its love when you are in a team of people all focused on achieving a common goal and you know they have your back. Its love when you know you can make mistakes and learn from them and not feel like you’re going to get beat up. It’s love when you are trusted and can make decisions on your own and don’t have to ask for permissions.

    Its love when the lack of hierarchy creates a level playing field and everyone feels respected for the role they play in the company. It’s love when you, and everyone around you, believe in the company’s core values and all walk the talk.

    I’ve experienced what it feels like when a love & trust based culture challenges me to make decisions that are in the long-term best interest of the company, rather than decisions that reduce short-term pain. The power of this love and trust in the workplace fuels growth beyond compare by people who truly cares about the company.

    Thanks for being so motivational and full of enthusiasm. Your positivism makes us search within ourselves and find the courage to lead a fulfilling life. Thanks for all the support and courage!


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