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Being honest in life is important because it defines your real character. We are all different from each other and what defines our personal character is our real personality and values. People identify the real only when you are honest and truthful with them. It is important to be honest at every stage of life. Many times we find ourselves in a situation where we find it difficult to walk on the path of honesty and feel that we have to lie but once you start lying then it becomes a habit. Lying once forces you to lie again and again to cover it. One can deceive others but how can we lie ourselves. Honesty helps you develop a good relationship based on trust. It builds confidence, provides satisfaction and enrich your soul.  While dishonesty is a sign of cowardice and it gives short term benefits. Integrity is a sign of strength and gives long term benefits.

Lying and cheating each other creates trouble and confusion in one’s life. For example, if we show a false degree and find a job, how the hard work will find its value which will lead to inefficient work performance and its adverse effects.

Honesty makes you transparent and allows you to focus more on important things in life. When we are not honest we create another world and start living in it. When we choose honesty in all aspects of life, including family, education, relationships, marriage and workplace, it becomes simple and hassle-free.

Honesty is the most admirable attribute a person can possess.

Therefore, it is important to be honest; it doesn’t only harm the people we lie, but ourselves too. An honest person can lead a more confident and responsible life. You can voice your real opinion only when you are honest.

Be honest and encourage others!

Neha Gupta


  1. Khushal chadha

    Very well written Neha!

    You can interpret this in two ways… the legacy you receive from your parents or the legacy you leave behind.

    If your parents teach you to be honest and have good character that is more valuable than money.

    When you die it’s more important to be remembered for your honesty and good deeds than for being rich.

  2. Priya Ahuja

    Well delivered! Honesty is everything. It prospers in every condition of life. It takes strength and courage to admit the truth. You can’t lie to your soul.

  3. Jatin Aggarwal

    Neha, Your thoughts on this rather rare, ignored and overlooked virtue are pure and worthy of pride. Honesty is not only an admired and rare characteristic but also a Tapasya. I read somewhere that the moral beliefs of a person are formed during the first 5 years of infancy and development. And once formed, they cannot be changed. The habit of lying or the perception of right and wrong, of morality or ethics are hence coming from the teachings of elders, wise, idols and surroundings. From family. So a person who stands against temptations, short cuts, compromises and takes the righteous and at times the treacherous path of truth is also reflecting the inculcation of morality from family. I am happy and delighted to read the blog, it came from the perfect person on this subject and a righteous person. Well written.

  4. Rajni Digani

    The most important person to be honest with is yourself. People with character know that the downside of lying is not that they will be caught, it’s that they have to live with these lies for the rest of their life.

    I’m glad that you came up with such an important aspect of today’s life and have given an excellent description for why honesty matters not only to others but most importantly to ourselves.

    Thank you Neha for this thoughtful article! Have a great day ahead! 🙂


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