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Not all Superhero wear capes

What a plausible phrase it is, but why only Superhero why not a Superheroine??

There is nothing astonishing or resentful in this. It had been…it is…and probably it shall be.

There is nothing to be miffed for or to fortify anything. For anything and everything there are challenges, limitations, acknowledgements, and achievements be it for a Superhero or a Superheroine.

It has never been easy for a Superhero to be one but it has also been difficult for a Superheroine to be called as one. 

We have risen from an era to the present 21st century where both men and women stand equal. If we have Superman today we also have got our own Superwoman. But this transition has taken a lot of time and efforts, to stand today where we nestle now.

I, myself have witnessed this transition or perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say, that I have been a part of this inspiring and inevitable transition. Today I work as Sales Manager in one of the top company in Chemical Industry. 

If I just fractionate my above sentence, it posses some expressions that were hitherto antonyms to a woman.  “Sales”, “Chemical Industry”, these were never women friendly zones.

When I first stepped into Sales it was never that compassionate for females as it is now, now a days females are leading in sales but then it was a dreadful terror to be in sales and when it comes to a sales in chemical industry a female had no stance… chemical industry has always been men dominant. Maybe as one flip side of a coin, and considering the historic environment, it was unfortunate but maybe practical. I wouldn’t have accepted this, in fact would have always argued against it if I had not worked since last 19 years in this industry. It not about any kind of discrimination but it’s more of a concern for womanhood. Chemical industry requires more safety and precautions and that’s why you will see a visible difference in the sex ratio in this industry. 

As new dimensions are being explored everyday there is never a no for anyone who wants to do it.

I have done it, with all my sweat, heart and soul but being on the same page it would have been more challenging if I had not been associated with Bansal Trading Company. 

Things only work when right things happens at right place. For me things were right but only worked when I got into right place of being with BTC.

To conclude I would just like to say if we women are trendy then BTC here are trendsetters.

Meena Gulati


  1. Rajni Digani

    Sending positive messages to one another is a great way to empower, encourage, and sustain one another. Thanks Ma’am for sharing the post.

  2. Priya

    Amazing Ma’am..Women need opportunity and encouragement. If a girl can climb mountains, she can do anything positive within her field of work.

  3. Jatin Aggarwal

    Girl Power!
    Bansal Trading Company over the last few years has seen a change of heart. Women or girls in business and corporate world have been so good that they can’t be ignored or held back anymore. Any company that has such a stereotype or dated reservations against women working in chemical industry, in allegedly challenging sales and marketing environment, in high pressure dynamic marketing company, is welcome to visit Bansal Trading Company. We take immense pride in being a company managed in multiple facets by inspired, ignited and extremely efficient girls/ladies. Fearless, proactive, independent and efficient. You give women a house, she will make it a home. You give her a business or career opportunity with dignity and respect, she will make it a success. Meena personifies this as an icon for many and through this heartfelt blog. Well Done, Congratulations.


    Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for all your appreciation and motivation. Yes if you give a house to a woman she surely makes it a home and that’s why she is called a homemaker but it is possible only if she will get the support of other family members. Thank you for being an exemplary.

    I am honoured to be part of such a talented & motivated BTC team.


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