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Pigments for cosmetics and beauty products

Considerable Pigments for all Nail Polish cosmetics

  • We have diverse stocks in cosmetic segments that mark all nail polishes with our innovative inclusive merchandise selection.
  • For the cosmetic industry, we are the most authentic complete resolution supplier for nail polish.
  • The nail polish consists of a mix of an organic polymer and numerous other components that yield its shades and surfaces.

Aurablush Pigments for Nail Paints

Representation: Aurablush is a variety of castor-oil-based pigments particularly formulated for utilization in color-cosmetics/make-up products.

Characteristics: Aurablush array of cosmetics comprises elegantly disbanded pigments utilizing mild silicone resin segments.

These products are VOC-free, heavy-metal-free, APEO-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben-free.

This assortment of cosmetics is climate and skin-friendly by nature and comprises components empowered to practice as per supervisory criteria.

Pigments for Nail Polish

Our Specializations

  • Our firm presents you with Aurablush in numerous engaging tones with profoundly customized services.
  • We have frequently developed our specifications to intensify its decorative consequences and to overcome splitting or peeling. Such specializations have upgraded our product excellence.
  • We have a profound team that dedicates their skills to enhance the consistency in our production of nail polishes according to the requirement.
  • We, Bansal Trading Company, proffers the market with our efficient technology and expertise in creating complete nail polish varieties.

Advantages of Aurablush Pigments & Colorants

Convenient in Utilizing: Bansal Trading Company manufactures pigments that are reliable to use as a colorant. They propose fulfillment in its purpose with no difficulty.

Persistent Fragment Proportions: The products have outstanding and persistent particle proportions contributing to their nature. They have a compressed particle range arrangement.

Exceptional Compactness: The products range has duplication and uniform features. They even represent no type-to-type variations and fabricate polish.

Notable Strength, Time, and Account Subsistence: The production of any particular color and texture of nail polishes does not take more than average time and energy. Such a process saves the amount of product development.

Program Resolution: The delivery of products is always on time at the allocated place. The requirement of any credit commodity is an uncommon status that profits the firm.

Non-Polluting: The pigments used in the manufacturing of nail polishes do not undergo pollution treatment. It is because they are environment-friendly.

Substantial Resilience: The pigments used in nail polishes have distinct peculiarities marking their essence.


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