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Pigments for Soaps and Detergents

Considerable Pigments for all Soaps and Detergents

  • We have assorted goods in home & personal care segments that mark all soaps & detergents with our original overall stock choice.
  • So, in this industry, we are the most reliable and excellent vendor for soaps & detergents.
  • Soaps & detergents are cleaning agents because they are chemical compounds or mixtures of compounds. Here, we could understand some brief detail about soap and detergent. A soap is a sodium salt or potassium salt of many compounds of fatty acids possessing cleansing activity in the water.
  • Detergent surfactants are much more valuable solvents for cleaning directions. In other words, the hardness of water does not change them. Thus, the petrochemical solutions form the surfactants used in detergents.

Auratone – Range of water-based Pigments & Colorants

Details: Aurotone soaps & detergents comprise precisely scattered pigments exerting moderate dispersants & chemicals. As a result, it is usable in personal & home care and toiletry sections.

Its Characteristics: Auratone is a series of water-based pigments supplies. So, such products apply in bar cleansers, shampoo, washing surfactants, colour beautifiers, and others.

Auratone range of soaps and detergents are VOC-free, heavy-metal-free, APEO-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben-free.

This variety of goods is viable and skin-friendly by the quality. Therefore, such products are highly preferred by many consumers and in the markets.

Our Specializations

  • Aurotone presents itself with 16 refreshing shades. It has the most significant performing team. As a result, they form the most dependable products that are highly demanded. These services incorporate method optimization & tone matching to encourage our customers to upgrade their features of products.
  • Our profoundly advanced production method assures leading exhibition & compatibility in delivering the explicit value shipment after shipment.
  • Bansal Trading Company has a proficient team that carries out their task with great enthusiasm. Each member functions in a team to offer the consumers precise quality of products. Most importantly, they are adept at forming the most advanced series of soaps and detergents stocks.

Advantages of Auratone Pigments & Colourants

Suitable To Use: The soaps and detergents processed by this firm are genuine to use. They propose fulfillment of its applicability with no inconvenience.

Sustained Fragment Range: The products have uniform size and shape according to their function. The particles are arranged in close areas, for instance.

Exceptional Uniformity: The goods are never formed differently which might raise the issue of inconsistencies. Therefore, the team hired for the purpose is highly trained and experienced. This allows each product to be similar in its looks and texture.

Notable Strength, Time, and Capital Service: We form the products at a particular time duration with desired strength. As a result, every product manufactured does not decrease in the limitation of revenue. Therefore, the savings of amount, time, and labor help us in the delivery of the next order with no delay.

Inventory Resolution: The demand for the advanced growth of fresh supplies does not bother our working. It is because we always stock all required raw materials. As a result, the profit percentage increases as we deliver each consignment on time.

Maintainable: We do not conduct the test of contamination for soaps and detergents. It is because these products do not get treated.

Vast Strength: Various industries present the use of soaps and detergents. In short, these two types of products have applications in each household.


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