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Today we are living in the world full of new innovations, softwares, machines & gadgets, etc. We need Science and Technology in every sphere of our life like to communicate, to commute or even to treat major diseases such as cancer.  Actually, we are surrounded by software & machines and we are used to of it everywhere in our life, some of science innovation which we used in our daily routine life are:

1. Mobile phones: As well I know it is very essential gadget for humans. Mobile phones reduce the time and distance of miles to connect the people. Today we have smart phones, with the use of this we can communicate from anywhere and can work in seconds like book a cab or train/flight tickets, utilities payments, shopping etc.

2. Computer & laptops: With the use of computer and laptops we complete our task in few minutes, it made our work easier and faster, we can know about the world from anywhere.

3. Metro Train: Metro train is unmatched construction and a marvel of engineering and now we have driver-less Metro trains as well.. This could be happen just because of Science and Technology. As everyone knows it has become life line of metro cities. Metro train is very good means of transport. In city like Delhi Metro is safe, fast and comfortable for the commuters.

4. Vehicles: Science and Technology has also given wings to automobile industry. We have different types of cars from vintage cars to sports cars and now milestone of automobile industry is electric vehicle and driver-less cars. Recently the Government of India has reduced GST in EV from 12% to 5% in order to promote the use of electric vehicles in India.

One of the most important aspects of Science and Technology is that it has solution to most of the difficult problems. The problems which have the potential to become major bottlenecks in development of a nation. Some of these problems could be:

  • Health aspects
  • Standard of education
  • Availability of healthy food and safe drinking water
  • Infrastructure

On the other hand, once mitigating solutions are found for these problems, then the second major issue is the under-development in the field of scientific research and technology that directly affects the development of the nation’s economy, infrastructure, higher education, and a few other fields like advancement in agriculture, development of chemical industries, software engineering, defence technology, development of satellites, development of nuclear technology, etc.

All these technologies, in turn, provide favorable conditions for the country’s growth and increase healthy competition nationally and also internationally. Therefore, in order to alleviate the basic problems of food and supply, safe drinking water, health problems, education, infrastructure, etc., the emphasis and gradual development of Science and Technology is essential.

In today’s world science and technology is most integral part of human life, it made our life smoother and easier. In fact, without science and technology, we can’t imagine our life.

As we all know today is the world of smart work, move with this world else you will live behind, so we should upgrade our self and we have to use of all these innovation in our life to better growth.

Although digitalisation made drastic changes in the world but it has some limitations too. We should also keep in mind our nature and should not harm the environment. It is good to use innovation but we should also care about nature, we should not exploit the nature, we have to use natural resources wisely.

“Save Trees-Save Environment”

Manav Chauhan


  1. Jatin Aggarwal

    So many things that are inseparable from our daily lives were either too expensive, exclusive or a wild fantasy and fiction. Science is the language of God and it must be used in its purity. It is dangerous if to solve one problem, science creates ten more. This blog takes us back to realise, what we take for granted today, was a figment of someone’s imagination and the result of numerous experiments of many determined teams. Improvements in an existing product line or cost cutting to make it affordable is also the fact of life, a geometric law of growth. I guess the underlying theme is to thank them and the salute to the wonders of Science. Well written Manav.

  2. Rajni Digani

    Hi Manav! We all know that science today is the pursuit of truth and knowledge for the good of all mankind and you have explained it very well. Congratulations! 😊


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