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Silicone Elastomer Gel in Cosmetics

  • Silicone elastomer gels are an elegant solution in cosmetics. It provides a sensitive touch to the skin that makes it feel more smooth.
  • Eventually, such a smooth and silky experience of skin has become of the most desired attributes. In short, every skincare and cosmetic product implements its products for such results.
  • Interestingly, our Elastomer gel will provide your skin the unique velvety soft feel your skin deserves.
  • We are one of the most reliable suppliers of elastomer gel. Our team delivers through our innovative and tailored chemistry of the products and exceptional Techno-Marketing intelligence.
  • Significantly, Elastomer gel is vital in providing long-wear benefits to the formulation. These formulations involve products such as lipsticks, makeup, and sunscreens, for instance.
  • Likewise, it even supplements an attractive and silky-smooth skin appearance through moisturizers and night creams.

About Elastomer Gel

  • Silicone elastomer gels are lightly cross-linked silicone gels. Therefore, they swell in cosmetic moldings such as Cyclopentasiloxane or isododecane. Eventually, such attribute of swollenness represents further in an emollient such as dimethicone sol.
  • Interestingly, this notable structure is responsible for excellent skin feel that traps vital ingredients. In short, these active factors involve vitamins, sunscreens, fragrances, and selected plant extracts into the gel matrix.
  • Moreover, the flexibility of silicone elastomer combinations allows for two methods of entrapment.

Pre-Loading and Post Loading


  • Pre-loading: The blending of actives results in the formation of a reactive mixture that gets trapped and deactivated within the elastomer gel network. In short, such trappings and deactivation happen after the curing of elastomer gel. Eventually, this approach can offer a more gradual release upon drying as gel particles break down.
  • Post-loading: In this method, actives are physically absorbed within the particles, either directly or with a carrier (i.e., cosmetic solvent) field.


There are several principal attributes of elastomer gel that could be acknowledged for the composition of diverse cosmetic products.

  • Add a feel of silky-smooth skin
  • Increase water resistance
  • Form long-lasting, non-tacky films
  • Modify rheology
  • Add body/texture to formulations
  • Increase SPF in sunscreen formulation
  • Absorb oils and cosmetic fluids
  • Easily incorporated into formulations

Application of silicone elastomer gel in cosmetics:

Skin & Sun Care

  • Nourishing night cream W/O
  • Nourishing body lotion
  • Protective moisturizing lotion for babies
  • Tropical summer butter
  • Sunscreen creams or lotions and gels.


  • O/W liquid foundation
  • W/O cream foundation
  • Satin liquid foundation O/W
  • Eye shadow
  • BB Cream
  • CC Cream

Myths about Silicone Elastomer Gels:

  • Myth: Silicones acts as a barrier that blocks the pores or the surface of the skin.
  • Fact: Silicones form a breathable layer on your skin that is permeable for water molecules and oxygen. The molecules are too large to get into your pores and clog them.
  • Myth: Many believe that silicones are not significant to be sustainable.
  • Fact: Silicones are sustainable since they are composed of sand. In other words, sand is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. They degrade back down to the sand, carbon dioxide, and water.
  • Myth: Silicones don’t do anything in skincare as they’re just filler ingredients.
  • Fact: All types of silicones play a role in a skincare product’s texture and finish; they’re not just used for pleasant aesthetics or as fillers. Moreover, silicones are proven to directly influence skin’s hydration and boost its ability to benefit from other ingredients (like antioxidants). As a result, some silicones help keep skin matte, blur the look of pores or even temporarily fill lines and wrinkles.

Advantages of Silicone Elastomer Gels

Easy Absorption: Beausil Gel 8005 is a perfect solution for skincare and color cosmetics. It eventually provides closeness to a wide range of cosmetic factors.

Multiple Benefits: In addition, Beausil Gel 8005 has various features that are beneficial in different products. One of the most significant characteristics is its sensational impact, in particular. Moreover, it has a long-lasting effect, brings water repellent, micro-sponge active delivery, and others.

Widespread: On the whole, Beausil gel 8005 is easily spreadable and gives the skin a highly desirable non-tacky, silky smooth, and powdery texture.



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