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skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Every acne is not similar, each bump has a distinct personality, which includes blackheads, whiteheads, redness, pus-filled acne, etc.  Everyone requires a completely different anti-acne solution to mitigate skin problems. The skin care ingredients for acne treatment differ according to the kind of acne your skin has developed, the method that works best for your skin and the tips to be taken in mind while using these anti-acne products. 

The top chemical distributors in India offer essential acne removal ingredients to the industries for manufacturing the best products you can add to your everyday skincare. In this blog, let’s deep dive into the 8 must-have Anti-acne ingredients to make your skincare routine for acne-prone skin the most effective.

What is Acne and how it is formed on your skin?

skincare routine for acne-prone skin
skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Acne is the general condition of the skin which almost has affected 9.4% of the global population.  This is the disorder of oil glands and the hair follicles which can occur at any particular age but begins generally during puberty. It usually affects about 85 percent of people aged between 18 to 24 years. Acne breakouts can affect your body, which could be on your chest, face, neck, or shoulder. 

The sebaceous glands in your body build natural oil or sebum which are generally released with the hair follicles. Once the follicles get clogged with dead skin cells, they can initiate the growth of bacteria on your skin. This bacteria is called Propionibacterium acne and creates inflammation, which results in inflammatory acne lesions. Now, let’s know more about the various types of remedies generally used in the skincare routine for acne-prone skin that includes whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, bumps, nodules, cysts, etc.

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Acne removal ingredients you should use for effective skincare

  • Salicylic acid

skincare routine for acne-prone skin


This is the kind of beta hydroxy acid or BHA which has extensive exfoliating properties to wash away the dead cells and eliminate the clogged pores on your skin. To work for acne, the molecular structure of salicylic acid is basically oil soluble. This acne treatment helps in breaking down the oil that gets collected in the pores and also supports unclogging the blockage.

It is an ideal product to be used in the early stages of developing acne that works for whitehead and blackhead removal, targeting people who have oily skin or teenagers. When used in high concentrations, they act as anti-inflammatory agents to minimize red acne bumps and pustules. It is also an excellent keratolytic agent or exfoliator. While managing acne-prone skin, the skin cells are likely to glue together and might result in clogging of pores instead of shedding them, perfecting them down as they perform in healthy and normal skin. Salicylic acid performs with the dissolution of the glue, which family holds the sticky cells present in the pores that are clogged.

To let salicylic acid work, you should go for a cleanser or gel preparation. Check for salicylic acid in about .5 to 2% concentration for the over-the-counter products to be used at home. It is a great idea to merge it with the hydrator and antioxidant to result in high tolerance. Never apply it in huge quantities or on exposed areas as this can get easily absorbed in your blood and create salicylate toxicity. This can be seen on the bumps when used for spot treatments.

Remember to use salicylic acid with caution in people with sensitive skin and dry skin irritation. Additionally, the overuse of salicylic acid in grade concentrations might create irritations. You should also make sure that pregnant and lactating women avoid using salicylic acid.

  • Benzoyl peroxide

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

It is an antibacterial agent and one of the best products for acne-prone skin which kills the bacteria that work behind any form of acne. One of the best ingredients for acne, this is very different from salicylic acid and has zero impact on oil collection but functions to neutralize the Propionibacterium acnes which triggers acne and causes infection in the clogged pores. This is an effective solution for most acne problems like blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules.

Benzoyl peroxide is accessible in both gel and cleanser formulations and is recommended to use for oily skin-friendly moisturizing action while also treating acne. This is usually merged with the retinoid as a prescription medication as the doctor suggests. However, not that excessive use can result in excess drying, peeling of the skin, and burning effects.

  • Sulfur

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

It is a natural mineral and a great exfoliator, which is also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent in the skincare routine for acne-prone skin. This is ideal for treating the beginning grades of acne like blackheads, whiteheads, and papules. 

This needs to be used on sensitive skin with utmost care. Being a bacteriostatic agent, sulfur prevents the multiplication of bacteria. While applying topically, it eliminates the top skin layer by drying out and lets it peel off quickly. You may use it for contact spot treatment or as a cleanser to prevent skin allergies if any. 

  • Tea Tree oil

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

It is a significant anti-inflammatory agent which is used as a cosmetic raw material to cure excess oiliness and acne. The concentration needed to make it effective for a skincare routine for acne-prone skin would be almost 5%. High levels of concentration help in curing the initial stages of acne such as blackheads and whiteheads. 

However, this is the best choice only for non-persistent acne problems. skincare routine for acne-prone skin and products with tree oil as the key ingredient usually contain less than 3% of them. Hence, tea tree oil combined with other products to treat acne is necessary to cure your concerns with bumps. 

  • Azelaic Acid

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

It is a naturally formed acid that belongs to the dicarboxylic acid family. It is an excellent exfoliant and exhibits antioxidant/antibacterial properties like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. It loosens the skin cells which are sticky and acne-prone, thereby sloughing them off. It also aims at deactivating the P.acne and subsidizing the results. 

Another advantage of azelaic acid is that it minimizes blemishes or dark spots that acne causes. It is perfect to work on dark skin tones which includes a mixture of acne activities and the blemishes caused by acne. It is accessible as serum and creams for a skincare routine for acne-prone skin. They are the best solutions against body acne in foaming products.  Trying them in combination with a hydrator can mitigate the dryness effects. Pregnant women can safely use the ingredient for skincare. 

  • Retinol

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Retinol is a golden standard used in acne therapy, regardless of the kind of acne or age you deal with. It works completely in & out when compared to the other anti-acne products. Retinoid combines with the nuclear receptors of the skin and accelerates them to normalize the turnover cycle of cells. It leads to less blockage of cells and helps other anti-acne products to function well. 

It is available as a combination of benzoyl peroxide with anti-acne gel uses and creams. The right retinol to be utilized can vary based on the skin and acne type, hence consulting a dermatologist is advised. It should be used as advice to stay away from sun sensitivity, dryness, allergies, etc., particularly for those with combination-type skin. 

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( AHA) 

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

These include lactic acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid— which are generally powerful peeling agents which provide exfoliation to the top skin layer. They help to clean the dead skin cells, enhance the skin, and brighten and unclog skin pores. They are effective in clearing acne with the effective weakening of cellular adhesion while also eliminating hyperpigmentation, severe hormonal acne, etc. which can trigger the complexity and the skin tone altogether. 

Though they are primarily used as exfoliating agents collagen and blood flow for your skin, if you wonder how to get rid of acne scars, AHA is an excellent formulation against the discoloration caused due to age spots and acne scars. It also alleviates the appearance of pimples, wrinkles, and surface lines. This anti-pimple solution prevents the breakouts of acne and brightens your complexion, helps in acne scar removal, protects complexion boosting, and helps in skin treatments that act against dead blood cells.

  • Willow bark

skincare routine for acne-prone skin

This extract is derived from the bark of willow trees which includes purple, black, and white. This ingredient is a source of natural salicin, which is a highly powerful ingredient that fights acne. Due to the presence of salicin Willow bark, extracts have core anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which eliminates the appearance of fine lines and skin pores. Being a mild sister of salicylic acid, this natural ingredient has been technically proven to get off from the current breakouts and severe effects of acne. 

The content of polyphenols in this ingredient can tackle the free radicals present on the surface of your skin and also keeps away inflammation smartly. While adding topically, it has also been proven to work for acne skin care against wrinkles and blemishes. Being an ideal exploiting agent, it can cause drying. So following up the use of willow bark with a moisturizer is the best idea to follow. 

To trigger the skin cleansing, advantages, and exfoliation action of Willow bark extract, acne treatment products are made with willow bark in combination with salicylic acid as well. They are low-risk, specific, and gentle on the skin which is ideal for sensitive skin. Everyday use of willow bark in anti-acne products and acne skin care products is recommended for an effective skincare routine for acne-prone skin.

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Summing Up

Your skin demands the best care since acne not only keeps your skin damaged but also shatters your confidence in being yourself. The above essential anti-acne ingredients have been proven to be beneficial as an effective skincare solution that will keep your skin well-protected against common effects like clogged pores, blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads, pimples, fine lines, wrinkles, and so on. 

To maintain a skincare routine for acne-prone skin, the products with these anti-acne ingredients are a must-have for every individual. Bansal Trading Company is one of the most established cosmetic raw material suppliers in India which focuses on delivering the essential ingredients to augment the manufacturing of the products for industries. Tagged as the top chemical supplier in India, Bansal Trading lays the foundation for offering the best raw materials and chemicals for the industries. 


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