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What are Pigments?

A pigment is a kind of white, black or coloured fine powdery substance which is insoluble in mediums such as water or oil. Color Pigments are used in the production of many items like paint, coatings, etc and also in other industries.

Where ever we see coloured objects that are man-made, we can assume that pigments have been used to give it colour. In paints, inks and coatings pigments are used in powder form and then grinded, or pre-dispersed pigments or preparations are used like stainers, machine colourants, pigments pastes or stains etc. In plastics, pigments are grinded in the plastic medium and used as a controlled colourant like a Masterbatch.

Carbon-containing pigments are called organic pigments and those without carbon are called inorganic pigments. Most of the pigments used nowadays are synthetically produced and with various CI numbers that govern the trade of these pigments, the range of pigments used in the industry has expanded. Choice of pigment depends on the colour, shade, light fastness, strength, opacity, brightness, undertones, particle size, oil absorption, compatibility, gloss, reflection of light, absorption of infrared rays, fluorescence, etc. It is now a very vast and specialised line with numerous shades dependent on the L*A*B Colour Values and Delta variation in the shade and strength of the pigment. Shade cards are made and popular ones are PANTONE and RAL Shade and colour charts.

Different Types of Pigments Infographic

Properties of Pigments

Now you know about the different types of color pigments. These organic and inorganic pigments have various properties depending on various aspects. Below given the properties of pigments.

Properties of organic and inorganic pigments

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