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Application Of Glycerin in Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry

Glycerin is one of the oldest ingredients which has been used by our mother and their mothers. Due to its outstanding moisturizing property, our mother is using it for ages and commonly used in skincare products. When you take a natural skincare product and read its ingredients then you will find that it has glycerin in it. Glycerine has many uses and benefits when it comes to beauty and skincare and pharmaceutical, but not all glycerine are created equal. In this post, we’ll explain how glycerine works wonders for the skin and which type of glycerine to use for maximum benefits.

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin passes by numerous names. Some call it Glycerine. Others Glycerol. We call it Glycerin. In any case, it’s something very similar: a thick, coagulated fluid found in all-natural fats (plant, animal, and human).

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Glycerin Infographic

Glycerin uses for Skin Care

1. Reduce Acne

We all have suffered from acne once in our life. Acne is a nightmare for some people. To reduce acne we use a different type of moisturizer and cleanser but we don’t know that the increment on those products is very harsh for our skin. If we use strong skin acne products it can make our acne worst.  Glycerol is one of those products that can reduce acne and it is not also harsh on the skin.  Glycerin is oil-free and it will not clog your pores because it is non-comedogenic

2. Moisturizes Skin

Glycerin is one of the most effective moisturizers because it draws more moisture to itself. It also slows down the water evaporation from the skin. If you regularly apply glycerin moisture then you will feel that your skin has become more soft and hydrated. Several scientific studies have shown that Glycerin can keep your skin hydrated in the middle of winter.

3. Anti-ageing treatment

Go to your nearest mirror and look closely do you see any fine lines or wrinkles. This is the natural process of aging. As your ages grow you will see that your skin color has become dull and your skin is very rough. Don’t worry if you want your skin glowing then start using glycerin or glycerin-based products. Applying glycerin on the skin will trap moisture in your skin and make your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Dry Skin

People with dry skin get irritated because products don’t get hold of their skin. IF you have dry skin then you will feel that the skin is rough and some cracks. Using glycerin-based products will solve your problem. Glycerin has the property to repair cracked skin and lock the moisture into your skin.

5. Heal Skin

Glycerin can be your skin savior. If your skin is damaged, cracked, or dry then using Glycerin for daily bases will heal your skin. You can also use Glycerine to remove tanning and help you get back your original complexion.

6. Safe

When you buy a new skincare product then you must look at the ingredients, because some of the ingredients are very harsh for your skin. Some of the products can dry out your skin and clog your pores which will lead to blackheads or acne. Glycerin is one of the safest ingredients you can use. It will not clog your pores or dry pour your skin.

7. Protects

Glycerol based products protect your skin from getting dry or cracked. It locks the moisture into the skin. Glycerine can also help protect skin from the sun.

8. Reduce Dullness

Using Glycerine-based products on daily basis will reduce the dullness on the skin and repair some marks. Glycerin keeps your skin hydrated and maintains the pH levels of the skin.

USES OF Glycerine

Uses of Glycerin for Pharmaceutical Formulation

Glycerin is one of the most widely used ingredients in medical prescriptions. Second just to water. It has a wide scope of use in this industry and is regularly used to help make remedy increasingly attractive.

1. Eye Disorders

Glycerol is utilized to treat eye issues that are brought about by expanded interocular pressure, for example, glaucoma. It can likewise be utilized to diminish pressure in the eye when the visual medical procedure, or during a clinical eye assessment.

2. Cerebral Edema

Intravenous arrangements of glycerine might be utilized to treat unnecessary intracranial weight. Glycerine attracts liquid from tissues of the body into the circulation system and goes about as a diuretic by forestalling water re-retention in the kidneys. These activities dry out the tissues while lessening blood volume, in this way decreasing intracranial weight.

3. Vasodilator

Glycerine is an essential constituent of nitroglycerine. Better known for its unstable properties, nitroglycerine is likewise utilized as a treatment for angina, an excruciating condition brought about by choking of the veins in the heart. Nitroglycerin, when taken orally, goes about as a vasodilator, quickly opening the veins in the body to give more prominent bloodstream and oxygen perfusion to the heart.

4. Obstruction

The glycerol fills in as a conditioning operator and ointment in instances of blockage. A glycerin suppository, embedded into the rectum, dissolves at an internal heat level. The glycerine at that point makes water be brought into the colon and rectum, relaxing the stool and greasing up the insides, considering simpler defecation.

5. Vehicle for Other Medications

Because of its emollient, dissolvable, improving, and saturating properties, glycerol is as often as possible utilized as a fixing in other pharmaceutical arrangements. It is utilized in colors and elixirs, for example, Theophylline, which is utilized to treat asthma. Glycerin is likewise utilized in treatments and creams to keep them from drying out and can go about as an additive.

Different Grades of Glycerin

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  • Glycerin USP
  • Glycerin JP

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