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sles chemical uses

What Is SLES: Uses And Manufacturing Process


From an unknown raw material to a core ingredient in hundreds of products— the journey of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate toward becoming the favorite of SLES manufacturers in India has been remarkable.  SLES is mainly used in eco brands and cleaning products due to its cleaning power, i.e. the ability to make long-lasting bubbles.  Many properties like minimum degree of skin irritation, insensitivity to hard water, and compactness make it the ideal component in numerous personal care products.  What is…

Melamine uses

What Is Melamine: A Brief About Melamine And Its Uses


The demand for Melamine in recent years has risen due to many power-rendering factors—heat resistance, glossy structure, durability, and moisture resistance, to name a few. The end-use businesses like automotive, manufacturing, textile, food and beverage, and many others drive market growth with the effective use of Melamine and resins.  Melamine resins have seen an amazing increase in demand with wood adhesive production, bonding applications in hardwood, and fibreboard with laminates. Additionally, the increased use of Melamine foams and resins serves…

Cardanol uses

What Is Cardanol? Cardanol Uses And Manufacturing Process


Why has Cardanol gained traction across the globe compared to the other alternatives, including phenols? Due to the environmental advantages, durability, water/oil resistance, anti-corrosive behavior, and many distinctive properties of Cardanol, they are widely used in several industrial applications.   The core element of Cardanol, is cashew nut shell liquid, a combination of anacardic acid, a small amount of Cardol, and methyl variants. In this blog, we shall discuss the properties of Cardanol, Cardanol uses, and its manufacturing process in detail….

paint raw material

What Are The Best Paint Raw Materials


Manufacturing paints involves adding many constituents or raw materials that give them specific properties to be useful in serving a variety of applications. Since paints cater to the preservation of the buildings, vehicles, furniture, or surfaces you apply them to, only the best paint raw materials can help surfaces to remain protected against deterioration.  Paint manufacturers rely on the best Paint Raw Material Suppliers In Delhi that distribute raw materials to augment the paint manufacturing processes. This blog throws light…

Castor Oil Price In India

Castor Oil Price In India: All you Need To Know


Castor oil is a distinctive drying oil that is primarily used in non-yellowing high gloss paints and is most demanded in the paint industry. Being perfect in coating applications, they find uses in dyeing, bleaching, epoxy ester, and acrylic resins.  It contributes to numerous commercial applications across a plethora of industries like cosmetics, transportation, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.  The Castor Oil Distributors In India engage in the supply of the best castor oil-based products —inks, dyes, brake fluids, electrical liquid…

What is Linoleic Acid: Linoleic Acid Suppliers In India

What is Linoleic Acid: All You Need To Know


Linoleic acid is one of the most versatile formulations of acids, utilized in various industrial applications that range from cleaning products, paints and coatings, chemical goods, pharma products, and many others.  Since linoleic acid is highly in demand as a nutritional and industrial component, Linoleic Acid Suppliers In India distribute it on a large scale.  This acid is naturally present in some vegetable oils like pumpkin, sunflower, cotton, and corn. In this blog, we shall discuss what is Linoleic Acid,…

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