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What Does Niacinamide Do To Your Skin? | 10 Benefits


Niacinamide, a comparable version of Nicotinamide, is a gem of the chemical industry and refers to the chemical classification of vitamin B-3. Taking Nicotinamide helps to avoid the deficiency in B-3 and augments the treatment of eczema, acne, etc. Avoiding vitamin B3 deficiency is essential to keep away skin disorders, brain, and kidney damage. However, when you speak about the general skin condition, there are a lot more Niacinamide skin benefits to improve your skin health. Read further to explore…

Personal care products

Surfactants: Making Personal Care and Homecare Easier


From cosmetics to hard surface cleaners, the consumers of the present world randomly search for naturally derived and safe products. Chemical Suppliers in Delhi have been widely in demand for the distribution of surfactants to the industries for the manufacturing of a wide range of products such as personal care products, home care products, cosmetics, etc. The safe and simple formulations of natural surfactants have been widely accepted by many manufacturing industries due to their distinct properties which we will…

Ingredients of Lipstick

Curious About What’s in Your Lipstick?


Ingredients of Lipstick; Beauty cosmetics have evolved since the beginning of ancient civilizations— lip color was used centuries ago among the Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, and so on. For many years, Queen Elizabeth I and her court ladies used red mercuric sulfide to color their lips red. Also, rouge was an ingredient used to color cheeks and lips, which was a trendsetter of ancient times. In the twentieth century, cosmetic products and lipsticks gained wide societal acceptance around the globe. Lipstick…

natural colorants

Natural Colorants For Cosmetics: What You Need To Know


Colour plays an integral part in marketing cosmetics and skincare products. Colors give attractiveness to cosmetic products and help to drive the attention of customers. Earlier, synthetic colors were used as colorants for beauty products. However, the toxic impact of synthetic dyes has paved the way for use of natural dyes. You obtain natural dyes from pigments that microorganisms and the phytochemicals that a wide range of plants produce. Usually, animal pigments are the least used as colorants. The cosmetic…

sles chemical uses

What Is SLES: Uses And Manufacturing Process


From an unknown raw material to a core ingredient in hundreds of products— the journey of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate toward becoming the favorite of SLES manufacturers in India has been remarkable.  SLES is mainly used in eco brands and cleaning products due to its cleaning power, i.e. the ability to make long-lasting bubbles.  Many properties like minimum degree of skin irritation, insensitivity to hard water, and compactness make it the ideal component in numerous personal care products.  What is…

Melamine uses

What Is Melamine: A Brief About Melamine And Its Uses


The demand for Melamine in recent years has risen due to many power-rendering factors—heat resistance, glossy structure, durability, and moisture resistance, to name a few. The end-use businesses like automotive, manufacturing, textile, food and beverage, and many others drive market growth with the effective use of Melamine and resins.  Melamine resins have seen an amazing increase in demand with wood adhesive production, bonding applications in hardwood, and fibreboard with laminates. Additionally, the increased use of Melamine foams and resins serves…

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